iPhone 8 renders from ‘highly detailed CAD files’ show embedded Home button, wireless charging [Gallery]

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New iPhone renders created from a ‘highly detailed CAD file’ show an iPhone 8 design with embedded Home button, glass back and what appears to be an area carved out for a wireless charging coil.

The report itself is rather confused, describing it as the iPhone 8 while suggesting the two sizes expected for the iPhone 7s, and referring to a separate ‘tenth anniversary phone’ – but what is shown matches up with the rumors for the flagship iPhone 8 …


Engadget doesn’t share the CAD drawings themselves, only the renders it generated from them. It says that it is ‘not at liberty to disclose’ the files. That being the case, it’s impossible to judge the credibility of the images, though the site does say they come from ‘a reliable source in the accessory industry,’ which likely refers to a case manufacturer.

Engadget says that although the CAD files are for the chassis only, cutouts do reveal a few details.

The most obvious takeaway here is the dual camera’s new orientation, and that both the microphone plus the flash will be part of the camera bump […]

While the contour may look familiar, the back of the device will actually be covered in glass this time, which allows for the integration of wireless charging. This is hinted by what appears to be a carved out area for a wireless charging coil on the underside of the chassis.

The report says that the detailed nature of the files lends them credibility, but acknowledges that they could still be fake, or represent a design that Apple considered and later abandoned. It’s commonplace for case manufacturers to try to get hold of CAD files or drawings in advance in order to be ready to offer products as soon as the new phone goes on sale, but they don’t always get it right.

The rest of the renders can be seen below – click for a larger view.

You can see all of our iPhone 8 coverage in our guide. We’re expecting glass front and back with a stainless steel band connecting them along the lines of the iPhone 4, but with a curved edge. The OLED display is reported to extend almost to the edges of the phone, with an embedded Touch ID Home button.

Other rumored features include facial recognition, augmented reality functionality and wireless charging. A recent report suggested pricing of $999 and $1,099 for 128GB and 256GB respectively.

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