Important Update on WPA and WPA2 Vulnerabilities

Important Update on WPA and WPA2 Vulnerabilities

On October 16, 2017, a statement from the International Consortium for Advancement of Cybersecurity on the Internet (ICASI) was released alerting the industry to a series of vulnerabilities for WPA and WPA2. These vulnerabilities are at the protocol-level and affect a large number of wireless infrastructure devices and wireless clients, across many vendors. This security flaw means that, for vulnerable clients and access points, WPA and WPA2-encrypted Wi-Fi traffic is no longer secure until certain steps are taken to remediate the issue. The Wi-Fi data stream, including passwords and personal data, can be intercepted, decrypted, and modified without a user’s knowledge.

WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi access points and Wi-Fi enabled appliances are affected by these vulnerabilities. And other companies are rushing to fix this issue.

This is why having a business class security appliance is key. WHen there is an issue they are on top of it fixing it.

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